Our Instructors are selectively recruited not only for their amazing surfing skills but also for their ability to teach and recognize the opportunity given to them to educate and enroll future surfers and paddlers to this these awesome sports. They are well trained, CPR Certified and First Aid Certified, ridiculously good looking, enthusiatic, supportive, encouraging, crazy fun and love to share their passion.


Cassidy Mclain

Hometown: Ventnor, NJ
Places surfed: New Hampshire, Rhode Island, North Carolina, Florida, all over the East Coast
Favorite spot to surf:  Costa Rica
Hobbies:  Surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding and training

I started surfing on my boogie board when I was 5 years old. Began competing at 11.I have won the ESA Northeast Regionals two times, I am a ESA All-Star, I have gotten ESA Wave of the Day 6 times, I am the 2x Belmar Amateur women’s winner, I came in 4th at the Unsound Pro, and I came in 3rd at ESA Easterns in 2012.


Ian Bloch

Hometown: Margate City, NJ
Home Break: Margate Pier, NJ
Sponsors: Lost clothing & surfboards, Electric visual, Nixon, DaKine
Contest results: Semis 2009 BELMAR PRO, Quarters 2009 Sweetwater Pro
Travels: Nicaragua, Portugal, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Cali, Tortola, Aruba, Dominican Republic
Hobbies:  Surfing, lacrosse, hanging with friends, and swimming


Gonza Macabeo

Started surfing June 2011 when my beach bum neighbor lent me his surfboard. Didn’t really know what I was doing or anyone the first few weeks of learning to surf. Then became real good friends with the first person that I cutoff, he started giving me pointers and introducing me to the local surfers who accepted me with open arms. Purchased my first wetsuit spring of 2012, got my own shred stick, and from then on its been wake up early check the reports and go surf.


Nick Salameda

Hometown:  Wilmington, DE
Places surfed:  New Jersey, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, and California
Favorite spot to surf: California
Years surfing: 9
Years teaching: 2
Hobbies:  Surfing, lacrosse, hanging with friends, and swimming


Joe Wilson

Hometown: Margate, NJ
Years surfing: Since 2001
Hobbies: Reggae music, shark fishing, making guacamole
Sponsors: Kulcha Shok Muzik
Travels: Barbados, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico


David Ashner

Years surfing: 11 years
Places surfed: Costa Rica, Panama, NJ
Hobbies/interest: Surfing, watching football, hanging out with friends
Favorite surf spot: Surf Road, Ocean City


Janet Chapman

Janet is a transplant from Orlando, FL.  She has been living in Margate for over 10 years and never wants to leave!  She is fully certified in all Pilates apparatus including Reformer, Cadillac and Wunda chair.  She is owner/instructor of her own studio, The Fitness Connection, in Linwood where she has classes everyday.  She has been an instructor for over 12 years.  Last year she started the Pilates on paddle board and loves it!  “What a way to get an awesome workout while watching the sunset!”


Vincent Guinta

Years surfing:  Since I was 4.
Hobbies/Interests:  Skaeboarding, snowboarding and wrestling
Places surfed:  Costa Rica, Barbados and Hatteras
Surf spot:  29th Street Longport


Kyle Juliano

Years surfing: 11
Surf travels: Barbados, Mexico, tortola, Costa Rica, North Carolina
Favorite surf spot: Duppies, Barbados
Hobbies/Interests: Surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, surf photography, traveling, lacrosse, diving
Years teaching: 2
Hobbies:  Surfing, lacrosse, hanging with friends, and swimming


AJ Jewitt

Years Surfing: 23
Home Break: Uptown AC
Favorite Wave: Uluwatu, Bali
Travels: Puerto Rico, Bali/Indo, Costa Rica, Tortola, Panama, Nicaragua, Bahamas, California, Florida, OBX
Hobbies: Other than Surfing; Snowboarding, Fishing, Mountain Biking, Diving, Home Renovations


Chase Knox

I have been surfing locally for the last five (5) years during all seasons.  My best friend introduced me to the sport and I immediately loved it.  I surf the NJ coast, Delaware a few times, and my favorite break is Margate Pier.  My hobbies include photography and snowboarding.

Josette Lata

Dog rescuer and a competitive stand up paddler. National Sailing Campion and taught sailing for 8 years.
She uses her paddling skills to rehabilitate alot of the dogs she saves.  Last year she started the Pilates on paddle board and loves it!  “What a way to get an awesome workout while watching the sunset!”


Tal Sharon

Hometown:  Livingston, JN
Places Surfed:  New Jersey, Israel, California, Aruba
Hobbies:  Soccer, surfing, hanging with friends, eating good food
Years Surfing:  13
Motto:  “Life is good”




AJ Wolf


Andrew Magner

A lifelong Margate resident, is an avid sports and fitness enthusiast.  He has participated in both organized sports such as beach volleyball and basketball and individual fitness challenges such as crossfit, weight lifting,  kayaking, hiking, and balance training.  While you are likely to find Andy in the ocean in the summer( he once even paddled solo 22.5 miles around Absecon Island), he also holds a master’s degree in special education and is a 13 year veteran high school teacher in Lower Merion School District. His love for helping his students meet their personal goals extends beyond the traditional classroom.  Holding two yoga certifications, he teaches both private and group classes in the Philadelphia and New Jersey areas.  Most recently, he has combined his love for yoga with his extensive surfing experience and teaches stand up paddle yoga classes at Stacey’s Surf Camp.  Andy has a passion for travel and never ceases to find adventure in every experience. His most important and fulfilling adventure has been raising his two children, Drew and Jaxon.


Dan Ginsberg

Chris Bradley

Background: Father of 3, loves to teach and surfing big waves, golf & fitness fanatic
Certifications: 20 yr Fireman, 30 year Ocean Lifeguard, EMT, CPR First Aid, Life guard, 5 Yr Surf Instructor, Stand Strong Certified Stand up Paddle Instructor.


Dan Gottlieb

Dan is a certified Standup Paddle Instructor through the preeminent organization of SUP Instructors, The World Paddle Association.  In addition to 6 years of SUP instruction, Dan is also an avid surfer, windsurfer and Hobie Cat Sailor.  He spent years on the prestigious Atlantic City Beach Patrol.  His lifeguard experience combined with his WPA certification uniquely qualified Dan as one of the top SUP instructors on the East Coast.  Dan has traveled to Mexico, California, Hawaii and Fiji in pursuit of finding waves for surfing and paddling.  His trip to Fiji in 2011 was an unique opportunity to travel and spend time with two of the world’s most accomplished paddlers…Dave Kalama and Jamie Mitchell.  Dan attributes his time with Dave and Jamie as the defining moment of his goal to learn and pass along efficient paddling technique.

Dan is not quitting his day job anytime soon.